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“Tension. Desperation. Guilt. Second chances.What Christopher Ruz has done with Century of Sand is genuinely brilliant.”

– Tom F, Amazon Reviewer
“It’s like if Michael Bay directed Pride and Prejudice. Agent 806 is a bulletproof Kevlar bodice ripper!”

– Fred, Amazon Reviewer
“In The Eighteen Revenges of Doctor Milan, Ruz utilizes his signature dark, excellent quality writing to deliver a sharp science fiction adventure.”

– Will Weisser, Metanautics

Christopher 'Ruz' Hayes-Kossmann

I’m Christopher Ruz, Australian author. I tell lies for money.

I’m a full-time author/publisher working under two pseudonyms. Christopher Ruz is where I publish my serious science fiction and fantasy work, such as my ongoing epic fantasy trilogy Century of Sand and my recent science fiction novella The Eighteen Revenges of Doctor Milan. Meanwhile, I publish pulp spy novellas under the name D. D. Marks, including my most popular omnibus, Agent 806.

  1. The 5 Best Albums of 2013

    I like music! I talk about it so much you’d think I was getting paid for it (I’m not). I write about video-game music and I recently discussed my personal ten best albums of the decade. Now, one month into 2014, I’m going to lay down the albums that had me grooving all through 2013. First, let’s do fifth through second place in no real order: Janelle Monae – The Electric Lady Janelle Monae’s first full-length release, The Archandroid, was...
  2. Burning Bridges: Olesia Anderson #5

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    Olesia Anderson, corporate spy-for-hire, is headed to Venice for what’s supposed to be a low-key fraud investigation job. Step 1: steal financial data from Aureo Real Estate. Step 2: deliver it to the client. Step 3: enjoy some private time with a pair of gorgeous Italian twins, eat gelato and get a tan, all paid for by Olesia’s mysterious employers, the Blackrock Association. But Olesia’s only been in town a day when she uncovers a multi-million Euro insurance scam built...
  3. Athena’s Daughters: kickstarting a collection of women in sci-fi and fantasy

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    You know who writes fantastic science fiction and fantasy? Women. Well, duh, you say. The entire concept of science fiction as a genre can be credited to one talented woman. Two of the biggest selling speculative fiction series of the last few decades – Harry Potter and The Hunger Games – are penned by women. Five of the last ten Nebula Best Novel winners were women. And yet, science fiction and fantasy is still somehow, amazingly, seen by many as...
  4. Christmas Updates

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    It’s been real quiet here for the past few months, so I should begin with an apology for anyone waiting on news re: Rust Season 2, Century of Sand 2, or Olesia Anderson #6. I moved house, and things got hectic fast. But we’ve settled in, mowed the lawn, repaired the roof, and I’m now back at the writing desk. So! First, the good news. Olesia Anderson #6: Snowblind launches on Christmas Eve! Snowblind will be available through the Kindle...
  5. Ruz at Armageddon Expo 2013

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    It’s time! Time to dust off my nice shoes and get a haircut and sit down for a weekend of chatting and networking and sales at Armageddon Expo 2013. Armageddon Expo is a two-day nerd extravaganza held at the Melbourne Showgrounds. You can shake hands with scifi celebrities, buy comics, listen in on exclusive panels with authors and artists… or pass by my table, where I’ll be selling paperbacks of Rust: Season One, Century of Sand, The Eighteen Revenges of...
  6. Nice new site! But wait, where’s my content?

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    Thanks to Chris McKenna at Hot Pot Creative, I finally have a 2013-era website! Something a bit less bloggy, a bit more professional, with my titles all laid out in a more organised manner. Problem: the hundreds and sometimes thousands of daily hits I was getting on my more popular articles will now be directed… nowhere. Dang. So to save you some confusion, here are the new links to my ten most popular posts and resources: #1: From .doc to...
  7. Future Tides: The Collected Works of Christopher Ruz

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    Lonely AIs, Peruvian parasites, graffiti activists and far-future memory swapping meet in Future Tides, a collection of all Christopher Ruz’s short works from 2007 to 2011. Cyberpunk and space opera sit side by side with award-winning tales of heroin addiction and swords-and-sorcery fantasy in this 18 story, 60,000 word compilation. Future Tides includes three previous collections – PAST THE BORDERS, THE KING & OTHER STORIES, and NOTHING TOO DANGEROUS – as well as an exclusive scifi short: FRONT PAGE CAPTION....