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“Tension. Desperation. Guilt. Second chances.What Christopher Ruz has done with Century of Sand is genuinely brilliant.”

– Tom F, Amazon Reviewer
“It’s like if Michael Bay directed Pride and Prejudice. Agent 806 is a bulletproof Kevlar bodice ripper!”

– Fred, Amazon Reviewer
“In The Eighteen Revenges of Doctor Milan, Ruz utilizes his signature dark, excellent quality writing to deliver a sharp science fiction adventure.”

– Will Weisser, Metanautics

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I’m Christopher Ruz, Australian author. I tell lies for money.

I’m a full-time author/publisher working under two pseudonyms. Christopher Ruz is where I publish my serious science fiction and fantasy work, such as my ongoing horror serial Rust, my science fiction novella The Eighteen Revenges of Doctor Milan, and my fantasy trilogy Century of Sand, which will arrive mid-2019 from Parvus Press.
Meanwhile, I publish pulp spy novellas under the name D. D. Marks, including my most popular omnibus, Agent 806.

  1. Century of Sand 2: The Ragged Lord

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    They ran halfway across the desert to escape the Magician. It wasn’t far enough. After narrowly escaping the burning ruin of the ant tower, Richard and Ana flee with their ally the Kabbah to the Empire of Reason. There, they hope to find directions to the demon Eluah, who can protect them from the Magician and his army of nomads. But the desert won’t give up its secrets so easily, and there are mysteries buried in the sands that no...
  2. Olesia Anderson, rebranded

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    It’s been a long time coming, but the Olesia Anderson series has a new art direction. Thanks to the expert modelling and photography duo of Kayla and Phelan Davion, Olesia has a fresh face and a new attitude. This, of course, means it’s almost time to launch Olesia Anderson #7: Blackout! It’s a huge story, the biggest Olesia romp so far, and like Olesia #4: Double Down, will be divided into two parts. It’s a crazy ride that sees Olesia...
  3. Book Review: Ten Thousand Devils, by S.A. Hunt

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    TL;DR: DAMN THIS BOOK IS GOOD. I’ve blogged about S.A. Hunt’s exceptional Outlaw King series before, so I’ll do my best not to waffle. In short, I was recommended aaaaages ago by a friend to read his debut novel The Whirlwind in the Thorn Tree, but put it off for over a year. By the time I got around to it, book 2 in the series was already out and book 3 was on the way, which meant I was...
  4. Rust: Season Two

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    Kimberly Archer died in New York and woke in Rustwood. She escaped the man pretending to be her husband and fought her way out of Bo Tuscon’s basement of horrors. Now, with Fitch by her side, she wants answers. But Rustwood won’t give up its secrets so easily. Powerful forces dwell in the sleepy mountain town, and their servants have sharp fingers and bloody smiles. There are worse things than death in Rustwood… Rust: Season Two is an omnibus collection...
  5. Snowblind: Olesia Anderson #6

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    Knife-fights and speedboat chases in Venice nearly killed her, but Olesia Anderson never stays out of the game for long. She’s got a clean bill of health and a ticket to Calgary, where Blackrock need her to pull an intimidation job. Deliver some papers, look threatening, and enjoy a white Canadian Christmas. Easy, right? If only. Olesia’s made a lot of enemies over the years, and if she’s not careful she’ll find herself caught in a situation beyond her control…...
  6. One year, three novels… almost?

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    It’s the 31st of December 2014, and I’ve sorta hit my goals. Earlier this year I aimed to self-publish three novels – Century of Sand 2, Rust 2, and Olesia Anderson #7. Now, with six hours left in the year, I managed to self-pub two of those books and complete a draft of the third (Olesia #7, for anyone wondering). I wish I could’ve gotten all three books totally done, but life got in the way. Beginning my Masters in...
  7. Sea Serpents and Gunslingers: chatting with S.A. Hunt.

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    A couple years back, S.A. Hunt returned from Afghanistan, hung up his uniform and set to writing a fantasy epic that drew upon all the fiction he’d known and loved since a child, salted it lightly with his own experiences while deployed, and wrapped it in a metaphysical, mind-bending bow. The first self-published novel in his series, Whirlwind in the Thorn Tree, has been described as “visceral,” “enthralling,” and “effortless and incredibly natural,” by reviewers, and “snappy, sarcastic, and blood-soaked”...
  8. Century of Sand 2 has hit stores!

    It’s been a long time coming. Too long by far. Century of Sand 2: The Ragged Lord sees Richard, Ana and the Kabbah returning in the next stage of their desperate flight from the Magician and his stitched-together monstrosity, the Culling. They’re still seeking help from the demon Eluah, but their travels have awoken forces far worse than Richard could’ve believed when he first fled the kingdoms… The Ragged Lord is available right now for $5.99 on Kindle or in...
  9. Approaching the finish line

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    At the start of the year I made lofty, grandiose, CRAZY-ARSE promises about writing three novels by Christmas. Now, halfway through November, I can see the finish line. Rust: Season Two has been available in ebook and paperback formats for months. Century of Sand 2: The Ragged Lord is going through the final, final proofing stage (ie, spelling and awkward sentence check). Olesia Anderson 7, projected to be a 2-part release of around 60,000 words total, just passed 51k today....