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“Tension. Desperation. Guilt. Second chances.What Christopher Ruz has done with Century of Sand is genuinely brilliant.”

– Tom F, Amazon Reviewer
“It’s like if Michael Bay directed Pride and Prejudice. Agent 806 is a bulletproof Kevlar bodice ripper!”

– Fred, Amazon Reviewer
“In The Eighteen Revenges of Doctor Milan, Ruz utilizes his signature dark, excellent quality writing to deliver a sharp science fiction adventure.”

– Will Weisser, Metanautics

Christopher 'Ruz' Hayes-Kossmann

I’m Christopher Ruz, Australian author. I tell lies for money.

I’m a full-time author/publisher working under two pseudonyms. Christopher Ruz is where I publish my serious science fiction and fantasy work, such as my ongoing epic fantasy trilogy Century of Sand and my recent science fiction novella The Eighteen Revenges of Doctor Milan. Meanwhile, I publish pulp spy novellas under the name D. D. Marks, including my most popular omnibus, Agent 806.

  1. Working with actual editors is weeeeeeird

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    Updates! A couple weeks back, I submitted the first revised draft of Century of Sand to my editors at Parvus Press. It was a big moment. A lot of hard work went into that rewrite. A lot of darlings got put up against the wall out the back of the chemical sheds. The opening 600 word scene of the old novel became a 2400 word chapter. The original chapter 1 grew into chapter 1, 2, 3 and 4. Later in the novel,...
  2. I’ve signed with Parvus Press!

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    There’s good news, bad news, and more good news squeezed into this update. Indulge me, friends. THE GOOD NEWS I recently signed a deal with Parvus Press, a relatively new but highly professional US-based publishing house, to revamp and republish the Century of Sand trilogy. I’ll be working with them closely over the next 12-18 months to restructure, edit and polish Century of Sand 1, 2 and 3 into a fresh fantasy epic. Each novel will hit ebook stores in six month...
  3. Querying is tough.

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    No shit, replies every author who persisted long enough to find an agent. I’ve been trying to find an agent for my work sporadically since I finished my third novel, Alpha Slip, in 2010. I’ve learned a lot about writing and the industry along the way (completing 10 novels and twice that many novellas will do that). What I’ve mostly learned is that querying agents is rough. You get ignored more than you get rejected. You get rejected more than...
  4. Smashin’ out Rust 4

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    God Factory? On submission with international agents. Century of Sand 3? With beta readers. Rust 4? Just passed 46,000 words (out of an estimated 80k). Ruz? About to go on two weeks of writing holidays. Expect books soon, friends.
  5. Nine years later…

    I’ve just wrapped the first draft of Century of Sand 3. This is the longest it’s ever taken me to write a book. The first draft of God Factory took six months. The first draft of CoS1 took eight. Nine years, though? To be fair, I started CoS3 while I was still drafting CoS1. The whole trilogy formed as a whole, and I wrote the final, final scene of CoS3 (in an embryonic form) some time in early 2008, before...
  6. God Factory is done and I’m looking for test readers

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    What feels like ten million years back I posted the opening scenes of a scifi novel called, at the time, Project Goma. I’ve now taken that novel through four complete redrafts and the finished manuscript, God Factory (AKA Hacker Sapper Soldier AI), is pretty damn tight. I’m now looking for test readers. If you’re up for 120k worth of scifi shenanigans set on a machine planet, full of pewpew and explosions and deep thoughts, sound off! I’ll get you the...
  7. Writing on the road AKA how Ruz got his groove back

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    I’m on the roadway now, navigating a traffic jam. My phone is in my breast pocket. Hopefully, it’s recording everything I say. I can’t check that of course, because pulling your phone out of your pocket to see what the app is doing while navigating heavy traffic is suicide. Nevertheless, curiosity and the need to write at least 1000 words a day despite the job (sometimes gripping me from 630 in the morning at 10 o’clock at night) drives me...
  8. The Good Samaritan, Chapter 1

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    “You understand,” the deputy principal said, “that teachers cold-cocking their students rarely sits well with the P.T.A.” In Bobby Graves’ defense, the kid threw the first punch. There were twenty witnesses in the classroom who’d testify to that. Shit, Bobby didn’t even mean to hit back. Just brought his fists up fast, old army training kicking in, trying to block and trap. But his instincts were rusted, and the kid – Anton Tripp, seventeen years old, built square and heavy...
  9. Agent 806, free for mailing list subscribers!

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    To celebrate the release of Olesia Anderson #8: Wetwork, I’m giving away the first Olesia Anderson omnibus to all new and existing mailing list subscribers! It’s seriously simple: 1) Sign up to my mailing list 2) You’ll get a confirmation email with direct download links for Agent 806 in DRM-free .mobi, .epub and .pdf formats 3) Enjoy! It’s my way of saying thank-you for being such brilliant readers and fans. I wouldn’t have made it to Olesia #8 without your...
  10. Olesia Anderson #8: Wetwork hits Kindle!

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    After TEN BILLION YEARS, the next episode in the Olesia Anderson thriller saga has launched on Amazon. Wetwork sees Olesia and her team of miscreants gunning for revenge after their narrow escape from Venezuela. They’re headed to D.C., in search of an old spook who can point them to Olesia’s nemesis, Patrick ‘Rat’ Burroughs. But D.C. isn’t the place Olesia remembers. It’s a warren of spies and senators, mercenaries and murderers, and Burroughs has them all in his pocket. He...